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Make sure you get these in on time and shared with me. Some of you are falling behind and need to reassess your academic rigor.

To Do Information

. You project for the next three weeks is to create an online project where:

1. You will choose 10 collaborative websites, from the following categories, and describe what the site offers and a description of how the site/software works. You can only choose one from each group.

Group Communication Collaborative visual reviewing
Mind-mapping and Diagramming Collaborative Writing
Project Management Event Scheduling
Chat Video Conferencing
Instant Messaging Screen Sharing
VoIP Virtual 3-D Immersive collaboration
Web Conferencing Whiteboarding
Co Browsing Web Presenting
Large Audience Webinars Workgrouping/Team Collaboration Workspaces
File Sharing Document Sharing-Wikis
Private Social Networking Platforms

1. use this web site to choose sites
2. Every student must have 10 different websites, there can be no overlap among students.Use the comment option to leave your choices. I will create a list of who has what and share it with you as it fills up.
3. You must look at the following social and ethical strands and give an explanation of how they could possibly affect your websites.:
1. Reliability
2. Integrity
3. Security
4. Privacy
5. Authenticity
6. Policies
7. Digital Citizenship
8. Man and Machine
4. Explain how this collaborative tool could make life easier for the user.
5. Your project must be done on the ITGS wikidot website. You will give a presentation to the class justifying your findings of 5 of the websites beginning the week after Eid/Fall Break.

Everyone please follow this outline so we keep the page looking clean.

Website Name:
Website URL:
Description of what the site/software offers
Description of how the site/software works
Explanation of how it could make the users life easier
Explanation of how the social and ethical considerations of the following could effect the site/software

1. Reliability
2. Integrity
3. Security
4. Privacy
5. Authenticity
6. Policies
7. Digital Citizenship
8. Man and Machine

Site Reviewer: Your Name

Collaborative Tools Project by attacker5attacker5, 17 Nov 2011 04:43

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Backup Wikidot Data by attacker5attacker5, 17 Nov 2011 04:37

Click 'Forum' on the top menu bar, sure you have figured that out by now, then click any appropriate category for your post.

Look for a thread that already contains what you are looking for, if it is a question for example, or a homework document. if the thread you are looking for has not yet been created by someone else, click New Thread and ask your question or post the homework information.


How the Forum Works!!! by attacker5attacker5, 17 Nov 2011 04:33
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